These 4 pictures are from Marton Road, Middlesbrough in the vicinity of the James Cook Hospital.  A new section of the hospital opened in August 2003 to take over the function of two smaller hospitals in the town.  Apparently as part of the traffic management scheme around the newly expanded hospital, a few cycle lanes were "installed" using the highly favoured "Paint-a line-down-the-middle-of-the-pavement" method.

Main Crap LaneHere we see the best (or least bad) section, on the east side of the road looking North between the main hospital entrance and the St. Luke's Hospital entrance.  It does at least provide a clear run of around 400m interrupted only by the odd meandering pedestrian. 

Lane EndA 180 degree turn at this point reveals three interruptions in quick succession for an ambulance entrance, a pedestrian crossing and a bus stop (pictured).  Note the absence of any indication of where cyclists are supposed to go at this point and the lack of drop kerbs should they choose to rejoin the road.

Further north, on both sides of the road, is a classic example of how road planners regard the total length of a cycle lane as far more important than any other consideration such as quality of surfacing, how useful it is likely to be or even if it is at all usable.

Tree Lane             Tree Lane 2

One tree might be construed as unfortunate, this lot is just crass stupidity.  Note, however, that the trees are not actually in the cycle path, the cycle path stops at each tree.  Presumably one is supposed to get off and push round them!